Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where are you today Miss Etta?

First, what a lovely idea to purchase Scrip from our local schools. That is SO unusual and it is doing something good for our children at the same time. You are always so innovative and have the cutest ideas.

I know you saw on the Fayette Front Page that there is a coupon for 25 percent off gift certificates at the Village Cafe. That is a bargain that makes me tingle all over. Everyone will think I spent so much more on them than I did!

The Village Cafe is one of my favorite places to eat. In my humble estimation they have some of the best food in Fayette County and the entire south side. I love their Salmon Maison. It's sweet and has just a small burst of tart that I just love. And the spinach they serve on the side. Yum. I don't care to eat potatoes as it's not flattering on my hips, so I always ask for them to substitute extra spinach instead of the potatoes.

The people over there are so gracious, too. I am going to print two or three of those coupons from the Fayette Front Page and head over there today.

Now I did not want to simply just talk about Christmas today. I wanted to congratulate our new Representative, Matt Ramsey. There were four people in that race and Matt won without a run off. It is rare to do that in an election like that one, although the number of people who decided to vote was rather minuscule. I suppose only those who were very dedicated and cared deeply about their government took time from their shopping to go vote.

We are getting ever so much closer to Christmas and that is what is occupying most people's minds these days! I did something this year that saved me a lot of time. I shopped on-line. I am waiting now for gifts to show up on my door step. I have to say that there is nothing like touching a gift and being able to examine it, but I saved a lot of money by buying on-line this year!

I hope you have the most wonderful day today,
Miss Faye

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