Monday, December 17, 2007

Dazzle, Sparkle, It's Christmas Lights

Oh Miss Faye,

One of my dear cousins who lives up where it's been snowing called last night. I asked him about barbeque and all the fixings. He told me they can get barbeque although it doesn't taste as good as the kind he can get when he comes home.

Apparently the national chains all claim to have pit cooked. Although, I just can't understand how they can just sit around a big hole in the ground with a freshly butchered hog on the fire at all those national places. I much prefer the local kind, where I can see and smell it cooking.

Anyway, the bad news is you can't find Brunswick Stew up north. He says they typically just find french fries and a salad. Now, just what is barbeque without a super Brunswick Stew and cole slaw? Well, before I get too carried away, let me tell you what I wanted to say today.

Have you been down Sandy Creek Road? It's the road between Fayetteville and Peachtree City just off of Hwy 54. If you haven't, you must make the effort.

Lordy, there are two families who truly have the spirit of Christmas. Why, their houses and yards are all lit up for the season. There's snowflakes, Santas, reindeer,elves and all. Of course, my favorite scenes are those where they remember the reason for the season and honor the birth of Christ. I think my absolute favorite display is the one where Santa is kneeling before the manger. It's just spectacular.

There is no charge to ride through, and we were even lucky enough to see Santa in person the other night.

So, Miss Faye, please take the time to ride through the light displays. Why, before we know it, we'll be hearing you belting out the verses to all those favorite Christmas songs.

Many thanks to both the Gaddy and Abernathy families for their gifts of lights to the county.

Miss Etta

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