Saturday, December 15, 2007

Barbeque- Places in Fayette Couny

Oh Miss Faye,

You just tickle me so. You've got me to thinking. How do we find out if those yankee people eat our kind of barbeque? Well, you may remember that one of kithin' cousins lives up there where it snows, so I'll post a letter and see what he says. You know, my daddy was a Yankee. He just couldn't resist the charms of my mama. I remember people describing her as a true Southern Belle. Now don't that beat all.

Oh, wait. Here I am just rambling on when you asked me a question. Just this week alone, I had lunch at Cafe Pig on Huddleston. Did you hear that Southern Living has written about them? Why, I guess that makes them famous in these parts. Last night, I ate at Shane's. And just last month, I braved the night air and ate at Smokey Bones. I like them all. But then my taste buds usually can't find bad pork. I sure wish you'd eat some pit cooked barbeque. Why, it's just as good as anything you could eat. Now, I like the mustard based sauces, which is the type of sauce my mama grew up with in the lowcountry. Does your delicate constitution let you have the sauce?

Wish I could stay longer, but I got to go fix some Georgia "ice cream" for my youngins. I just got some that were stone ground. You do eat that, don't you? I cook them with cream and butter for about half a hour. I also like to add cheese. Well, my mouth is watering so I'm off.

Miss Etta

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