Monday, December 17, 2007

Another Christmas gift for that hard-to-please person

We ALL have some difficult soul in our family who has everything there is to have. If they need something they buy it. Well, I found a little something that I think almost anyone anywhere would want to have.

It's under fifteen dollars, too. Can't beat that price!

It's one of those cute little gadgets that heats up water for coffee or tea. You just pour some water in the top, push the button and in a few short seconds you have boiling hot water.

My Mama had one and after trying it I just had to have one for myself.

I looked for it at Macys and at some of the mall stores but couldn't find one. Of course I found it at the local Walmart!

It's called a Hot Shot and it's made by Sunbeam. Now I know it's nothing to write home about, but it sure is cute and I have about slap worn mine out already. It is so much better than boiling water on the stove top or using a microwave!

You know me, Miss Etta, I love to share when things pop into my mind. I bet you'll find someone in your family who would like one!

I wonder if any of our readers have some good ideas for last minute Christmas gifts for those picky pesky relatives and friends who have it all?

Miss Faye

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