Friday, December 14, 2007

Bar B Que-- The Slow Way, The Only Way

Miss Faye! Miss Faye! Are you there?

I've just got to tell you that I just got home from eating some bar-b-que at that local place in Peachtree City. It was good as always, and the smells of it brought back memories to me.

Do you remember when we were kids and Mr. Pete and our dads would sit up all night just to cook a hog in a pit? Why, those were the days. Mama would take out fresh tea and sandwiches. All the men would sit around, smoke and, I do think they would even have one of grandpa's special brews.

Anyways, I just love freshly cooked bar-b-que pork, especially if it's just been pulled. And Fayette County does have some really good places to eat it. Although I would prefer to sit around the pit and swap stories. But I've got you for that now, don't I?

Well, I gotta run on home. It's past dark and you know what that means.

See you later, Miss Faye.

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