Thursday, June 25, 2009

Questions You Need to Ask Your Representatives over July 4th

Well, now that you found that last little article, I went on a search and found another one for us all to read. These questions are good and should be answered by every politician who dares to show up over the July 4th weekend to celebrate the good ole USA.

Of course, I think I will add a fourth question- since it is the 4th-- Will you be happy to have your family's healthcare governed by a bean counter and not by your physician? Will you be giving up your special over the top healthcare plan you get in Congress and be treated like a regular Joe?

Here are the questions with the accompanying story for you.

President Obama, together with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has been working tirelessly over the last several weeks to put a positive spin on his proposed government takeover of America’s health care system.

During next week’s July 4th Congressional Recess (effectively running from June 29th to July 6th) Members of Congress will be gauging their constituents’ reaction to the Obama plan. Some will be doing a sales-pitch, others will be bashing it, and still others will just be testing the waters to see what the voters think......

Georgie Gal

Did Obama Say We Should Kill the Old Folks to Save Money Last Night?

Friends of the Front Porch Swing,

Didn't I tell you recently that I thought the government would soon be stooping down and figuring out when was the best age and time to put us down so we can push up daisies for a living? If you watched the dog and pony show last night, then you heard it live. If you didn't, then I've found an article for you to read.

Oh- the enlightened one also enlightened us on his personal belief of his health plan for his family. He wouldn't use it. So, would members of Congress have to use it or would they be deemed too important?

Read the story here: Did Obama Say We Should Kill the Old Folks to Save Money Last Night?

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