Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Down, Fumbled Hail Mary, and A Flag On The . . . Oh, Whatever

Well, shoot. I missed the tea party.


Yes, Miss Etta, I used to go to the Rich's Tea Room, too, even though
I don't drink tea cause just the smell of it gives me a raging
headache. Raging, I tell you. Instead, I always had me a Co-Cola.
This, however, this is one tea party I fully intended to attend. I
knew about it, but somehow didn't pay close enough attention to the
date. How I missed that is beyond me. Too much going on around here, I

Or maybe one too many juleps.

No, too many juleps is simply not possible. Perish the thought.

Do you suppose they'll have another one any time soon? My first
protest march. I sure did want it to be themed. Oh well. I'm certain
there'll be another opportunity. There has to be because we cannot
stand for these plans that will lead us straight down the path to
bankrupt socialism. If we follow the plans I've been reading about,
we'll plow right through socialism much faster than we went through a

I've been wanting to conjure up a football analogy so the vast
majority of people would "get it", wake up and smell the stark,
dismal, empty-pocketed future. But as I googled football and watched
snippets of games on you tube, i realized that it didn't matter
because the vast majority of people are so completely, totally,
gobsmacked in love with Obama, not even a football analogy could get
through. Plus, let's face it: there are way too many people here today
who vote for a living and love nothing better than availing themselves
of class envy. So who am I kidding and why do I waste any more of my

Won't be long before I'll be stocking up on ingredients for juleps.
For now, though, I'll just imbibe what I already have on hand. I need
it after talking about this. I sure do.

Miz Vul

P.S. Did y'all see that bumper sticker that says "OBAMA: One Bad Ass
Mistake, America"? Though I think it's downright funny, I wouldn't
DARE put one on my car (and I've cautioned my junior juleps the same)
for fear of coming out to find that my car looking like one of those
fundraiser we used to have where you pay 50-cents for a chance to beat
up a car with a seriously big hammer. It's unfortunate, but it's just
the way it is today. And that, my dears, is what I'm gonna' talk about
that next time . . .

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tea in Downtown Atlanta Ain't What It Used to Be

Whoooeee, what a day! All the rain couldn't keep me down today. Nope. I had to rush right on up to Atlanta and wave my precious Luzianne tea bags for the Atlanta Tea Party. I am sick and tired of all the changes in Washington that are doing nothing but bankrupting my beloved country and my bank account.

Ya'll remember what going to tea used to mean in Atlanta? Why, we would take the bus downtown with our fancy dresses, shoes, hats and sparkling white gloves just to have tea at the downtown Rich's store.

Yep, times have changed. Everytime the President opens his mouth, I have to go get a big glass of julep juice. Heck, if he keeps tanking the market each and every time his mouth opens, I'm gonna run out of juleps!


Here's a link to one of the many stories just in case you didn't get to go your own selves.

Miss Etta

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flunking Math

Miss Etta,

I have been thinking a lot of late about that famous (much-needed and
successful) historical Tea Party. Glad to hear there's a move afoot to
stage a sequel. Count me in. I'll wear my angry/fed-up/disgusted
American citizen clothes. Just need enough notice to be sure I have
time to wash them.

Girls, I'm gonna' tell you what: math is just not my favorite subject.
Therefore, I don't practice much. Therefore, I'm not especially good
at it. So maybe that's why I am totally confused and perplexed when I
hear Mr. Obama talk about this trimabajillion so-called stimulus
package in all its glorious wonderality then, in the same paragraph,
he assures us that by the end of his first term in office, he will
have reduced the nation's deficit by half. Huh? Can one of you
girlfriends explain that to me? Only thing I can figure is that he's
counting on jacking-up the taxes like nobody's business.

That or he can't remember that his first term is only 4 years.

Gonna' go fix me up a glass of julep and play a little bingo. With the
right size glass, I think I can manage all 4 cards quite nicely.

Till next time,

Miz Vul

You Have Your Tea, I'll Play Obama Bingo Tonight

Miss Etta,

You go on and enjoy that cup of nice hot steaming tea. I'm getting my playcards ready for Obama Bingo tonight. In case you haven't heard, you get a bingo card and get to try and fill in as many of his catch phrases you hear in the stump speechin' tonight.

Here's the link just in case you have a hankering to try it out your own self. Remember, this is for tonight only!!

Obama Bingo Night

Ms. Georgie

Tea, Anyone?

My, oh my. Have you seen the grassroots project that is all the rage right now? I saw just the other day on one of the Fayette Front Page columns that Rick Santelli stood up and said we should have a taxpayers' tea party? Well, in checking around today, his suggestion has now become a movement.

According to the sources I found today, there are Tea Parties already events planned in Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Fort Myers, Orlando, Greenville, SC and cities across North Carolina.

Everyone of us learned about the Boston Tea Party while in school. Doncha remember the reason? The Tea Act was passed by the English Parliament which, in everyday terms, allowed the favored treatment of one company to sell their tea. Colonists were taxed heavily for this drink of choice and, in 1773, had just about had enough of Britain and its heavy taxation.

Last time, the angry American colonists dressed as Indians. Wonder who they will dress like this time? Angry American citizens?

Enjoy your day, my sweets. I'm off to have a nice hot cup of tea.

Miss Etta

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Susan B Anthony Turned 189 This Week, Her Ideas Still Young

Ladies, ladies. Hold the applause. Can you believe that it was 189 years ago this week that Susan B. Anthony was born? Wow. We have come a long way.

She was just so instrumental in her fight for women's rights. Yep, now we can vote while we wash the clothes. Yep, now we can work while we clean up after the kids.

Just in case you needed a daily dose of "thinker juice", here are a couple of quotes from that lady who was so ahead of her time.

"Guilty? Yes. No matter what the motive, love of ease, or a desire to save from suffering the unborn innocent, the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed. It will burden her conscience in life, it will burden her soul in death; but oh, thrice guilty is he who...drove her to the desperation which impelled her to the crime!"

-Susan B. Anthony, The Revolution, 1869 (on abortion)

"I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand."

"I shall earnestly and persistently continue to urge all women to the practical recognition of the old Revolutionary maxim. Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God."

Miss Etta

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ah, Now I Know What Government Wants to Stimulate

Don't get all excited. Well, maybe you should go get a big ole glass of julep juice first. Cause guess what the folks up in Washington want to stimulate with their big ole fat juicy pork spending bill?

Are you ready? Are you sitting down Miz Vul and Georgie?

Reports are floating about that a Line Item contains $335 MILLION for adult sex workshops.

Combine that with the rumor today that Krispy Kreme may be having some severe financial issues.

Oh my goodness. Not only am I blushing terribly but now I have a craving for a nice hot Krispy Kreme donut. Anyone know where one is?

Miss Etta

Finally, I See the Plan for a Master

It just hit me, and hit me hard it did. You know I've been sitting and watching all the high powered folks in Washington that are only "yessir men" fawn all over themselves and their great ability to really put one over on the American public.

Well, ok, so I did make a few phone calls and sent some emails with my thoughts clearly stated to my representatives. Anyway--

With the alleged healthcare plan, or rather lack of any healthcare for the older or sick population, in the final bill (if it stays as is) comes the perfect way to end the housing shortage. After all, all those good Americans over the age of 50 (or wahtever age is determined to be old) will be deemed elderly and therefore, of no use to the new government. They get sick and wham-o, they can't be treated. So they die and there's all this nice housing available for anyone to poach, cause after all, we'll have redistributed all of the over 50 crowd wealth to everyone else.

Just wonder if all those high powered Washington types realize that they, too, are on that list to be euthanized by their own votes in the last week or so? Will the age have to be raised to 55 since the new pres is almost 50?

I wonder what will happen when the young healthy crowd who has so embraced the new regime realize that they, too, will have yearly birthdays and their chances of illness go up.

Me? I suspect I'll be given a nice green pill when I go to the doctor. And then... silence.

With that said, I'll go enjoy the sun today and plant some mint. After all, today I have my health and my freedom.

Georgie gal

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Depressing Times, uh, Depressing Events

Uh, did you listen to the President, uh, last night? Uh, did you hear him talk of uh, the depressing times, and, uh, depressing events for baseball? Uh, what happened to the confident man? Uh, the world ends in two minutes. Uh, uh, uh.

Friends of mine, I just couldn't believe my ears. Obama exuded confidence and was so eloquent when he campaigned. Last night, he sounded lame and spoke as well as a 6th grader who got caught smoking in the boys room. Unbelievable.

Now, this am, both sides of the aisle don't know how the mandated government decisions for your and my healthcare got in the bill? Excuse me? Why not? How is it that they don't know? How is it that they think the government should tell the doctors who and how to treat? Did the government go to medical school? Do they keep up with all advances? I just heard a Democratic Senator say that patients should not be treated for multiple problems. Unbelievable.

Obama was so right last night. These are depressing times. I best go refill my julep juice and get myself a bigger glass. I think I'm going to need it today.

You know, my ice cubes are about gone from last summer. I can't wait for the sun and some fresh mint to spring up in the garden.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Tee hee. Tee hee.

My little baby just came in with some schoolwork and I just have to share with you.

Question: A culprit is _____.
Answer: My baby said charming.

Guess my baby has been seeing too many politicians speaking lately.

Charming, isn't it?


Donations Accepted Right Here

Miss Etta, I think you have conjured-up a fine idea: let's all just
tell the government (or, as you more appropriately call them "those
high powered money spending fools") to go ahead and write us a check.
You're right: we can surely qualify for our fair share of that pork,
and do it at a reasonable enough price that we've got enough to spend
on barbecue sauce to boot.

And, as if that isn't enough, WE OURSELVES can take the tax write-off
for charitable donation.

I remember getting a letter from Coweta-Fayette, the local electric
duopoly, offering me the glorious opportunity to pay my bill each
month AND send in a little extra, too. They'd take that extra, add it
up with everybody else's extra, and dole it out to various charities
and whatnot. I wrote them a letter right back and told them I'd be
making my own selections about what and who to support. Why do I want
some electric company deciding who I help/support with my money? That
was several years ago. Well, this month didn't I get a bill for the
electric at our new house, and there it was: "round up" and an extra
charge. Though there wasn't any kind of sign next to it denoting an
explanation anywhere on the bill, I still combed through the words and
numbers carefully, finding not one single word of explanation. Just
the words and the charge. No cover letter, no explanation on the bill.
Well, don't you know that I called them right away and asked if that
was their sneaky little charge they collect then divvy up to those
they deem most in need, and the woman said "It's not sneaky, but yes,
we do collect that money then donate it to those in need" to which I
said, "When you add it to the bill as a lime item without any
explanation whatsoever, that is, too, sneaky, and I am perfectly
willing and capable to decide for myself who my money will help." She
said she took it off my bill, and I told her I wasn't paying this
month either and she said fine then.

When somebody I have no choice but to deal with tries to collect money
in such a sneaky way, I flatout blow a fuse. So yes, Miss Etta, let's
call 'em up and volunteer to take on the burden of policing and
tending to the world. I'm sick and tired of handing off my money to
high powered money spending fools who think I'm too stupid to (a)
decide where to spend my own money and (b) know that they're insulting

That's the way I see it. After a steady diet of mint juleps to help me
think about it, it's still the way I see it.

Till next time,
Miz Vul

Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Go On and Write Me a Check

I've been sitting here thinking while I have my daily dose of julep juice. Now I know you all will say that is a scary combination, but have no fear.

I've decided to get in touch with those high powered money spending fools up in the capital and tell them to go on and write me my check.

After all, I can go out and check the canals for all the contraceptives that the new sidewalk builders will be using. I bet you, too, can qualify for some of that porky money.

What was those song lyrics again? "I can bring home the bacon and put it in the pan."


Miss Etta

Continually in a dither...

Ever since I started realizin' that our beloved country was headed in a wrong, wrong, wrong direction I have been in a constant state of dither. I just do not know what to do these days.

It seems every time I turn on that old nasty television I hear things that scare me plum to death. Do these people not know what they are doing to us? They act like a billion dollars is what we used to call chump change.

As I typed the phrase "chump change" it came to me that I really did not know where the term came from or whether it was appropriate in the context I just used. For those who like to unravel mysteries and love little bits of trivia, here is what "The Word Detective" had to say about it:

"Chump" first appeared in English in the early 1700s meaning "lump of wood" (possibly from a melding of "chunk" and "lump"), and by the late 1880s had acquired its modern derogatory meaning of "blockhead" or "fool." The term "chump change" seems to have first appeared in the African-American community in the late 1960s with the meaning of "small change, a negligible amount of money." The sense of the term is "an amount of money only a chump would value; a trivial amount," as opposed to larger amounts of "real money."

Now, back to my dither tantrums.

A little over half of the people who bothered to vote last year voted for Mr. Obama. I won't quibble about whether the voting was honest and above-board, it is done and we're dealing with the spilt milk at this time.

Now, all those people who didn't vote and just under half of those who could, don't believe in change as defined by Mr. Obama. In fact, I would bet a brand new parasol that quite a few of those who DID happen to vote for Mr. Obama did not have the slightest little clue what he actually stood for.

So, when you put all those numbers into a hat and stir them up, he can not say that most Americans want his brand of change. I certainly do believe that if you took his personality and the surrounding hype away and had all voters take a test as to what they would like for our country, Mr. Obama's brand of change would lose.

For the first time in my life I am utterly scared about the future that is on the near horizon.

I am trying to do my every lovin' best to fire people up and get them to yell loud, but I am not even sure if anyone in Washington is listening or really cares these days. I think they are set on a path and have blinders stuck on both sides of their eyeballs and cotton balls in their ears.

Well, my ancestors, may they rest in solid peace and thank goodness they are not seeing this day, fought hard and long for our country. They risked their lives to fight for the freedoms we seem hell-bent on throwing away.

I will fight with the pen and with my words to preserve our country. I can only hope that there are enough of us out there with backbone and strength to do battle. I don't know if we will succeed, but I know I will go down fighting.

- Miss Faye

Hit the Road, Not the Pool

Goodness sakes alive. I don't know which has me more upset these days. Is it the weather? Is it the economy and the alleged rescue plan? Or is it the Michael Phelps fall from the pedestal?

I was shocked, yes, just plain out shocked when the photo appeared in which Phelps appears to be bonging it in South Carolina. I think he should be punished and I guess some others agree with me on that point.

I wonder if the law in South Carolina will try him on drug charges, or if that is just too much to ask. The Mr. tells me that Phelps could have been photoshopped in to the picture and that he could always say he had no "intention" of inhaling whatever was in that bong. (Seems like that argument is in vogue in Washington these days.) The Mr. thinks it's a no win situation for the law enforcers there.

On the other hand, I am so glad to hear this morning that Kellogg's has decided Phelps needs to come right of off of that cereal box. And I also hear that USA Swimming has banned him from even jumping up on the pedestal at the pool for three months. Personally, I think it should have been a minimum of 6 months.

At least, someone will try to get the message out to him that he made a BAD choice. That's right, Michael, come on off that pedestal for awhile. You're a champ when swimming but recent events make you less than desirable at our local pool.

Yall go on in now and warm up some.


Mint Julep Journal