Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tea, Anyone?

My, oh my. Have you seen the grassroots project that is all the rage right now? I saw just the other day on one of the Fayette Front Page columns that Rick Santelli stood up and said we should have a taxpayers' tea party? Well, in checking around today, his suggestion has now become a movement.

According to the sources I found today, there are Tea Parties already events planned in Chicago, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Fort Myers, Orlando, Greenville, SC and cities across North Carolina.

Everyone of us learned about the Boston Tea Party while in school. Doncha remember the reason? The Tea Act was passed by the English Parliament which, in everyday terms, allowed the favored treatment of one company to sell their tea. Colonists were taxed heavily for this drink of choice and, in 1773, had just about had enough of Britain and its heavy taxation.

Last time, the angry American colonists dressed as Indians. Wonder who they will dress like this time? Angry American citizens?

Enjoy your day, my sweets. I'm off to have a nice hot cup of tea.

Miss Etta

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