Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally, I See the Plan for a Master

It just hit me, and hit me hard it did. You know I've been sitting and watching all the high powered folks in Washington that are only "yessir men" fawn all over themselves and their great ability to really put one over on the American public.

Well, ok, so I did make a few phone calls and sent some emails with my thoughts clearly stated to my representatives. Anyway--

With the alleged healthcare plan, or rather lack of any healthcare for the older or sick population, in the final bill (if it stays as is) comes the perfect way to end the housing shortage. After all, all those good Americans over the age of 50 (or wahtever age is determined to be old) will be deemed elderly and therefore, of no use to the new government. They get sick and wham-o, they can't be treated. So they die and there's all this nice housing available for anyone to poach, cause after all, we'll have redistributed all of the over 50 crowd wealth to everyone else.

Just wonder if all those high powered Washington types realize that they, too, are on that list to be euthanized by their own votes in the last week or so? Will the age have to be raised to 55 since the new pres is almost 50?

I wonder what will happen when the young healthy crowd who has so embraced the new regime realize that they, too, will have yearly birthdays and their chances of illness go up.

Me? I suspect I'll be given a nice green pill when I go to the doctor. And then... silence.

With that said, I'll go enjoy the sun today and plant some mint. After all, today I have my health and my freedom.

Georgie gal

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