Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Depressing Times, uh, Depressing Events

Uh, did you listen to the President, uh, last night? Uh, did you hear him talk of uh, the depressing times, and, uh, depressing events for baseball? Uh, what happened to the confident man? Uh, the world ends in two minutes. Uh, uh, uh.

Friends of mine, I just couldn't believe my ears. Obama exuded confidence and was so eloquent when he campaigned. Last night, he sounded lame and spoke as well as a 6th grader who got caught smoking in the boys room. Unbelievable.

Now, this am, both sides of the aisle don't know how the mandated government decisions for your and my healthcare got in the bill? Excuse me? Why not? How is it that they don't know? How is it that they think the government should tell the doctors who and how to treat? Did the government go to medical school? Do they keep up with all advances? I just heard a Democratic Senator say that patients should not be treated for multiple problems. Unbelievable.

Obama was so right last night. These are depressing times. I best go refill my julep juice and get myself a bigger glass. I think I'm going to need it today.

You know, my ice cubes are about gone from last summer. I can't wait for the sun and some fresh mint to spring up in the garden.

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