Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Down, Fumbled Hail Mary, and A Flag On The . . . Oh, Whatever

Well, shoot. I missed the tea party.


Yes, Miss Etta, I used to go to the Rich's Tea Room, too, even though
I don't drink tea cause just the smell of it gives me a raging
headache. Raging, I tell you. Instead, I always had me a Co-Cola.
This, however, this is one tea party I fully intended to attend. I
knew about it, but somehow didn't pay close enough attention to the
date. How I missed that is beyond me. Too much going on around here, I

Or maybe one too many juleps.

No, too many juleps is simply not possible. Perish the thought.

Do you suppose they'll have another one any time soon? My first
protest march. I sure did want it to be themed. Oh well. I'm certain
there'll be another opportunity. There has to be because we cannot
stand for these plans that will lead us straight down the path to
bankrupt socialism. If we follow the plans I've been reading about,
we'll plow right through socialism much faster than we went through a

I've been wanting to conjure up a football analogy so the vast
majority of people would "get it", wake up and smell the stark,
dismal, empty-pocketed future. But as I googled football and watched
snippets of games on you tube, i realized that it didn't matter
because the vast majority of people are so completely, totally,
gobsmacked in love with Obama, not even a football analogy could get
through. Plus, let's face it: there are way too many people here today
who vote for a living and love nothing better than availing themselves
of class envy. So who am I kidding and why do I waste any more of my

Won't be long before I'll be stocking up on ingredients for juleps.
For now, though, I'll just imbibe what I already have on hand. I need
it after talking about this. I sure do.

Miz Vul

P.S. Did y'all see that bumper sticker that says "OBAMA: One Bad Ass
Mistake, America"? Though I think it's downright funny, I wouldn't
DARE put one on my car (and I've cautioned my junior juleps the same)
for fear of coming out to find that my car looking like one of those
fundraiser we used to have where you pay 50-cents for a chance to beat
up a car with a seriously big hammer. It's unfortunate, but it's just
the way it is today. And that, my dears, is what I'm gonna' talk about
that next time . . .

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