Monday, March 2, 2009

Honestly Naive?

What a fun day we had in our little area of heaven yesterday. Didcha see all those big snowflakes? Didcha go out and play in the snow?

It's way too cold for me to risk getting frostbite on my delicate little fingers and toes whilst I wait for my gossip group to show up on the front porch this morning. So, I've been watching some mindless television.

One of the topics I keep seeing is on the Octo-mom. You know, the young woman in California who had eight babies recently? Her attitude about having the babies kinda reminds me of the general spending views up in Washington right now.

This young woman keeps saying, "I get it." Guess she doesn't understand what is involved in adding eight children to her already big brood. Her reality doesn't appear to exist.

Just like the government. Sure, they get it. They know money is tight. They know times are tough. Their solution is just like the octo-mom's.

Just go on and spend taxpayer money to take care of all of our problems.

Goodness me. I've gotta go sip on my hard earned, non government provided, non taxpayer supported julep juice. At least I can honestly see and am not naive about what the future holds for all of us if Big Brother is the only way out.


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