Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Inquiring Mind on the Loose

My mama always warned me about people who talk out of both sides of
their mouth, and now we appear to have one living in the White House.
Did y'all hear him today, girls? In the midst of all his
bafoodletrigagillionmilzzilion stimulus/bailout/let's-save-America-by-
throwing-money-at-it plan - on the heel (it was just yesterday so I
don't consider that long enough to be plural heels) of AIG holding out
their tin cup again, shaking it in the direction of Washington, Mr.
Obama says that he doesn't pay any attention to Wall Street daily
gyrations, the implication being that business and government are
separate entities.

I'm so confused.

For months now, he's been jawing about how much money he's gonna'
throw at this big business and that big business, how much money he's
gonna' pass out to create jobs (none of it "pork", of course) and yet
he wants us to believe that he pays no attention to what Wall Street
does because that's business and he does government?

Government that already enjoys partial ownership in banks (which makes
me wonder if we, the taxpayers, are gonna' get dividend checks - what
do you think?). Government that will soon own equity in AIG.
Government that will soon be designing and rolling cars off the
assembly line.

The line's become blurred - more blurred than ever before - and I'm
wearing my new glasses, so it's not me.

And while I'm on a roll, I've got one more thing I want to get off my
chest (yes, Misses Etta and Faye, you're right: I have a lot more
things, but I'm running kinda' tight on time, so I'm only going for 2

The Democrats habitually employ class envy to gain votes. A page right
out of the ole divide-and-conquer playbook. Mr. Obama rides into
Washington wanting to/promising to level the playing field by taking
from those who have and giving to those who need (or in many cases
want), a page right out of the socialist playbook. Then what does he
do just as soon as he lands and gets his bags unpacked and his
pictures hung? He starts throwing parties like nobody's business.
Serving steaks as big as Texas and as expensive as California business
taxes. Hiring bands to stand right in front of the television and
entertain. Puttin' on the ritz, my mama called it, and I just want to
know why he couldn't take that money and dole it out to folks in need.
(Or want.)

This inquiring mind just wants to know.

And now back to my julep, already in progress . . .

Miz Vul

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