Friday, March 20, 2009

Toastmasters (could come) to the Rescue

Hey Y'all,

I've had to take a break from listening to those fools in Washington.
The doctors have warned me to stay away on account of the way it
raises my blood pressure, even though the pharmaceutical companies
would undoubtedly be glad to have me as a regular user. Anyway, today
I couldn't stand it any longer, so I turned the radio on for just a
minute this morning, and I have to ask: have y'all heard that Robert
Gibbs speak? The White House Press Secretary can't seem to start a
sentence with anything but silence or a string of "ah's" and "um's".
It's nervewracking to listen to him. Makes him sound like a damn liar.
I am thinking of sending him a little message suggesting he join a
Toastmasters group that meets near him. They've got somebody at every
meeting who counts the "ah's" and "um's" and other fillers, and by
golly, they announce it at the end of the meeting. Then today he goes
and makes a wiseass comment about does anybody have a dollar so so-and-
so can go buy a paper to read the answer to his question. I, for one,
did not find that especially funny.

And don't even get me started about when the British Prime Minister
came to town and Obama was TOO TIRED to do it up right. The Obamas can
throw a party and serve $100/lb steaks and hire Earth, Wind, and Fire
to entertain and the Marine Band to play during breaks. They can have
game systems set up for all the children (you think those kids are
coached ahead of time to let the Obama girls win?) and adults alike,
but they can't follow protocol when the British Prime Minster comes to
call? Does that make sense to anybody?

Oh, and it gets better. This one just slays me: The President is
stressed. He's tired and stressed and surprised at how hard the job
is. Has the man ever looked at pictures of preceding presidents on
Inauguration Day and exit day? As Super Chicken always said to his
cohort when the whining and complaining set in, "You knew this job was
dangerous when you took it, Fred."

I've got to go have me a dose of blood pressure medicine and wash it
down with a mint julep or three. Then tomorrow I'm thinking about
going to get me one of those clicker thingies and start counting the
fillers that come out of that Press Secretary's mouth.

If I can stand to listen to the fool long enough. I've got my blood
pressure to watch, you know. I have never seen such a fiasco as we
have going on in Washington right now. They ought to be ashamed.

Talk to you later.

Miz Vul

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