Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gray Thoughts on a Rainy Day

I just can't believe it! Our sooooooo friendly-let's-stretch-out-a-hand-to-our-enemies leaders are thinking about letting the terrorists go free and then relocate them to our lands? This is because their own countries don't want them back? And then, our so-very-neighborly-so-very-friendly-new-residents will have to be supported by, um, us? Why, so they can plot their next moves?

Give me a break. Those detainees down there have no remorse, yet they may be free to live among us? My hair is all curled up in disbelief about this, and today, I can't blame it on the rain.

Is it ever gonna stop raining? The local creeks and now a river are either out of their banks or gonna be? Hey, is this nature's way of showing discontent over the decisions being made up north?

Don't take my word for it. Go to a great new site I found during all this rain-forced-me-inside-off-the-porch time, Living in Bizarro World, and read some comments and the story itself. Then, you too, will positively run to the store and get your julep juice makings. Could be we're in for some rough weather- not only from nature, but from the oh-so-friendly-we-love-everyone-but-our-own folks in Washington.

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