Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So, so frustrated with all the nincompoops

Well, first of all, hi ya'll. It has been a long time since I stopped in to chew the fat. I know, I know, that is not a proper phrase for a perpetually dieting kind of gal to use, but you all know me: if it pops into the ol' brain it's going out the mouth or onto the screen.

Now, down to business because I know you are wondering what nincompoops I'm referrin' to in that title. Some of you are wondering, but I believe my minty sisters will know exactly to whom I am referencing. Was that proper English? Oh well, just call it Missfayenglish and move on if it's not.

Nincompoops. Dummies. Stoooopid. Those idiots in Washington D.C. who are busily tearing down everything that is good about our America. Are they all drinking some special brand of kool-aid? Does our new President have some sort of hypnotic powers or is the media brainwashing every last one of them boys and girls up there?

Even miss-I-can't-balance-a-check-book-to-save-my-life knows you can't just keep reaching into the till to grab money, or in their case print money. There are just so many heads of lettuce that will grow in a patch before they become puny and worthless. You have to fertilize the soil and take some care with the basics.

These dummies are telling us we can have all the lettuce we want and they are forgetting you have to water the darned stuff and fertilize it and weed it and you know all the stuff you have to do to make things grow.

They are ignoring all our small businesses. They are fixing to tax us to shreds. Ya'll don't think that if they tax those people at the top that they're just going to sit back and take it do you? Don't you think that they'll just up their prices or fire a few folks or not build some new factory they were going to build? What's next? Is the government going to force people to stay in their jobs? Will they stop them from raising their prices?

We are getting ready to be just like Venezooayla or Cuba.

All you people with your hands out better take those hands and start using them to earn some money. You want me to pay your way you have another thing coming cause I'll just stop working and stick my hands out right along side yours. Then who's going to pay for your food?

You remember that book by Ayn Rand where all the people who work hard and are self sufficient just pick up themselves and go away? You don't think it can happen in this country? Take a look at history and you'll see that every time government gets too big for its britches and starts expecting people with brains and self respect to pay for those who like coasting along on coat tails, those smart people move somewhere else. Or they just quit.

I am so angry I could just spit nails except I know that pretty soon there won't be anyone who can make good nails and if I spit 'em out they'll tax 'em.

Wake up America before you lose what you keep saying you love about this country. Get off that couch, turn off the stupid television and do something to take care of your kids future.

Whew, that felt good. I have been wanting to have a rant rage for so, so long. If you think I'd done though, you are very wrong. I'm just getting started. Next time they have one of those tea parties, I'm going to be the one throwing big juicy wet teabags.

Miss Faye

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