Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Days are (Apparently) Here Again in Georgia

Well, girlfriends, I guess y'all are as tickled as I am to know that
things in Georgia are in such fine shape as to allow legislators to
focus on a resolution commending Mr. Obama for the fine job he's done
in his first 60 days. Forget unemployment. Forget financial deficits.
Forget foreclosures and job layoffs and plant closings and crime rates
and that we're entering the season when teenagers maim and kill while
driving too fast and/or under the influence. No need to bother about
trivial things like that when we've got a President who's been in
office for almost 2 months and still hasn't been properly invited to
be an honorary member of our little ole' state legislature's black
caucus. Where are our manners?

And there's apparently not enough to occupy our legislators because
when they didn't get their way, some of them just up and left. Walked
right on out the door, grumbling under their breath and stomping their
proverbial feet. Seems to me, we elected people to spend the first
three months of the year in Atlanta crafting and studying and passing
or rejecting bills that continue the principles we Georgians hold dear
and pledge allegiance to: wisdom, justice, and moderation.

Oh, fiddle-de-de. I think I'll quite worrying my pretty little head
about it and go fix me a julep. I mean, really: if the people we
elected aren't concerned with anything more than brownnosing the
President (perhaps in hopes of getting an invite to his next party),
why should I be?

Till next time,
Miz Vul

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