Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gonna buy me a gun. Or two.

I just finished watching a YouTube video of a CNN piece in February. They said that in November gun purchases went up 42% over the previous year. They also said that there is a shortage of ammunition and across the country gun shops have up to 11 month back orders on guns.

If you happen to own stock in any gun company you own one of the few that're actually making money.

I had to have some work done on our home alarm system the other day. The owner of the company was in the area so he came by to replace the defective piece himself. Just making conversation as I have always been taught to be polite and engaging, I asked "how's business?".

He said he couldn't keep up with demand, that is was better than it had ever been.

I was surprised for less than a split second. It makes sense. Everyone knows that the harder times get the higher crime goes.

Now the reason people are buying up all those guns right now isn't just because they think times are getting ready to get real dangerous, they're also scared of what our new President's administration is going to do about our guns.

See, when President Obama was a senator, he signed onto a bill that would have increased taxes on guns 500%. Others in his administration, namely Eric Holder, have spoken out against guns in ways that have a lot of people concerned about the future of gun ownership.

There's talk of numbering bullets. That's not really a bad idea if someone commits a crime with a gun and you want to figure out where the bullet came from you may think... but that would only work if you had to register every time you bought ammunition I'd think. I'd think the bad guys would just steal bullets. Can you imagine what the costs would be to put numbers on each and every little bullet? Whoa Nellie!

Another thing "they" talk about is putting some device in guns when they're manufactured that allows guns to be traced. Now I'm not sure if they're talking about a little chip or just what they're talking about, but again I think the cost would be astronomical. And anyone who thinks that the bad guys won't just be figuring out how to get rid of those devices real quick like is balmier than my Aunt Gladys.

I hear tell that Eric Holder doesn't like gun shows either. Which seems kind of silly to me as you still have to register the gun if you buy it at a gun show.

I don't happen to own any guns but I sure would like to for the first time in my life.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot to tell you! Because I write a blog and because I want a gun and because I consider myself to be a Patriot and because I have bumper stickers on my car, I could be on the government's watch list!

Yes, little old me could be considered a potential "domestic terrorist" or a militia member.

I'm so excited.

Another "tell" is that old "Don't Tread On Me" flag. You know, the one with the snake coiled up with the thirteen spots to signify the thirteen colonies that were in existence when it was thought up? I have decided to go out and buy a flag to put on my lawn so they'll know where to find me.

Well, I may joke about this, but in reality I find it rather scary that simply being patriotic and caring enough to write a blog could bring me to the eye of Big Brother.

All that I just talked about is in the government's "The Modern Militia Movement" info. I gather it was put out by the Missouri folks, so I'm not real sure if it's part of a national thing or just something they developed. I heard Glenn Beck talking about it and read an article or two about it, but none of them were real clear about who, what, when or where.

I guess I really don't rank yet though because wanting to buy a gun and actually owning a gun are very different.

Here are a few other things included in that 'signs you may be a member of the militia" booklet:

- writing about the Constitution (check)
- supporting third party candidates like Ron Paul or Bob Barr (not yet, but it our Republican politicians don't get their act together I might be willing to lean third-party_
- attending one of those tax protest tea parties (check)
- writing about taxes (check), North American Union (check), or illegal immigration (check)
- being a conservative Christian (check)

It is really scary when you think about it!

There are so many scary things going on in our country right now. Everything that is good seems to be under attack and I just feel so helpless to do anything about it. I am trying though which is why you all don't hear from me much and why I find so little time to sit on the porch these days.

Which reminds me of another good stock to own: alcohol companies. I have decided that right after I buy my guns, I'm going to start stockpiling every kind of booze I can find. If it gets really bad people the currency of alcohol will probably be better than that of gold don't you think?

Hope to talk soon ladies, I surely do miss you!

Miss Faye

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