Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barbie Turns 50 and Now Faces Being Killed by Lawmakers

Be still my heart! Some crazy coot in West Virginia (and yes, that is still a state in the United States) has submitted legislation to ban Barbie! Apparently, the coot who must not have ever, never played with GI Joe, thinks Barbie's beauty is just too much. He thinks her beauty takes away from her intelligence.

Give me a break. First, every, and I mean every, red blooded American girl and many across the world have played Barbie for 50 years! And, if you really look into her eyes and at her eye makeup from the earlier days, well, that didn't stop me from getting a college education. Nope. It didn't stop any of my friends from becoming business owners and Presidents of corporations. Shoot. In my day, Barbie used to take out Ken and GI Joe in one fatal blow.

Give me a break. You gals want to weigh in on this crazy scheme? I think it's just part of the overall conspiracy to end life as we know it. No Barbie? What is this world? Crazy? Hmm, think I'll pull out my Barbie boat and serve up some of my delicious glasses of julep juice. She's gonna need it when I tell her.

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