Friday, April 3, 2009

So Much for Taste

There I was, just taking my mornin' constitutional walk and singin' one of my songs when I saw it. A huge tree just decided it couldn't take all the love shown to us from nature this last week, so down it went- Right into the roof of the new addition on the house. The addition was so new that the siding hadn't even been painted yet. Whew, I thought. How lucky for the homeowner.

I imagine the homeowner was counting the blessings when position of the tree was noted. After all, if the new addition hadn't been there, well, let's just say the owner probably would have woken up with a booming headache. Yep, that ole big tree would have gone smack dab down in the bedroom area.

Sometimes, my friends, I just have to wonder. Do we really note the times we are just saved by the skin of our teeth, or just think we're darn lucky?

Ah, now speaking of lucky, did you just happpen to see that Barbie has gone and gotten her own white hat with flowers for the running of the roses? Now, you know that I'm quite partial to the old gal. I just find one thing wrong with her derby outfit.

Yep, that's it. She has no mint julep!! Doesn't she know that the tradition of my favorite greenish drink is on the line here? Why, we must fix that at once!

And here I was, thinking that she had shown such taste over the years. Well, after she lost the extreme blue eyeshadow and all.


Miss Etta

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