Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

Three cheers for all the Tax Day Tea Parties. It seems like there was one on almost every street corner in America. Some estimates I've seen today say over 750,000 Americans participated in them. So, I guess that can be considered a movement. So, when will the news media cover them? Oh, that's right. They won't. Yeah, I heard of all the off color jokes told about the tea parties. Guess ya gotta make fun of what you're afraid of, eh?

From what I saw up close and personal and on the only news station brave enough to cover it, the protest against excessive government spending was quite dignified. From what I heard from the partygoers is the overwhelming sense of wanting to save our country. Wonder if anyone is listening?

You gals seen the latest and greatest silver cup unveiled for the tight lipped and proper sipping of our very own favorite mason jar julep juice yet? Why, I almost lost my teeth on the price of it. It's a thousand smackers. Can you believe it? Ok, so it's sterling silver and all. Hey, the good thing is the proceeds do go to help the permanently disabled jockeys.

Wonder if there's a silver plated mason jar that will go to help us gals when we become disabled due to all the heavy lifting of our jars? Maybe we'll end up qualifying for a bailout.

Miss Etta

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