Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seen Our Very Own Julep Bottle?

Whoopppeeee. Have you heard the news? We've become so very famous with our minty julep juice that a famous equine artist is going to depict us on a bottle!

No, wait. It's not exactly us, my swilling friends who love the minty fresh taste. It's, well, it's for the place where we got our little ole selves hooked.

What? Doncha remember when we all went up to see that big horse race in Kentucky? We wore such cute hats and had those wonderful Mint Juleps!

This year, in celebration of 22 years of the Mint Julep being the official drink at the Kentucky Derby, Celeste Susany has been commissioned for an an original oil painting of Churchill Downs. I've read the painting this year is called "Dueling Towards Destiny" and shows two horses racing towards the finish line with the cheering crowds and the Twin Spires in the background.

Did you know over 2 million of our fancy drinks have been served up there? I wonder how that compares with how many we serve ourselves? How do I love Julep Juice? Let me count the ways.

Miss Etta

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