Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just Give Me One for the Road

I'm in love! From now on, I'll just need one of my julep juice drinks a day. I know you gals are probably wondering how can that be?

Well, my friends, let me share the good news with you. The world's largest mint julep cup, which incidentally holds something like 206 gallons of my favorite beverage, will be on display this year up at the big fancy dancy horse race in Kentucky.

Just imagine. Just one glass full and I'm set for the day. 'Course, I gotta wonder if how big the mint spring is on top of the glass. Think it's large enough for me to put a pool lounger in the top of the glass so I can just lean over to take my dainty sips? Heck, wonder if it's big enough for us all just to dive in and swim to our hearts are content?

From now on, I'll just have to decline a second julep juice and just say, "I'll take one for the road, please."

Miss Etta

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