Friday, February 6, 2009

Continually in a dither...

Ever since I started realizin' that our beloved country was headed in a wrong, wrong, wrong direction I have been in a constant state of dither. I just do not know what to do these days.

It seems every time I turn on that old nasty television I hear things that scare me plum to death. Do these people not know what they are doing to us? They act like a billion dollars is what we used to call chump change.

As I typed the phrase "chump change" it came to me that I really did not know where the term came from or whether it was appropriate in the context I just used. For those who like to unravel mysteries and love little bits of trivia, here is what "The Word Detective" had to say about it:

"Chump" first appeared in English in the early 1700s meaning "lump of wood" (possibly from a melding of "chunk" and "lump"), and by the late 1880s had acquired its modern derogatory meaning of "blockhead" or "fool." The term "chump change" seems to have first appeared in the African-American community in the late 1960s with the meaning of "small change, a negligible amount of money." The sense of the term is "an amount of money only a chump would value; a trivial amount," as opposed to larger amounts of "real money."

Now, back to my dither tantrums.

A little over half of the people who bothered to vote last year voted for Mr. Obama. I won't quibble about whether the voting was honest and above-board, it is done and we're dealing with the spilt milk at this time.

Now, all those people who didn't vote and just under half of those who could, don't believe in change as defined by Mr. Obama. In fact, I would bet a brand new parasol that quite a few of those who DID happen to vote for Mr. Obama did not have the slightest little clue what he actually stood for.

So, when you put all those numbers into a hat and stir them up, he can not say that most Americans want his brand of change. I certainly do believe that if you took his personality and the surrounding hype away and had all voters take a test as to what they would like for our country, Mr. Obama's brand of change would lose.

For the first time in my life I am utterly scared about the future that is on the near horizon.

I am trying to do my every lovin' best to fire people up and get them to yell loud, but I am not even sure if anyone in Washington is listening or really cares these days. I think they are set on a path and have blinders stuck on both sides of their eyeballs and cotton balls in their ears.

Well, my ancestors, may they rest in solid peace and thank goodness they are not seeing this day, fought hard and long for our country. They risked their lives to fight for the freedoms we seem hell-bent on throwing away.

I will fight with the pen and with my words to preserve our country. I can only hope that there are enough of us out there with backbone and strength to do battle. I don't know if we will succeed, but I know I will go down fighting.

- Miss Faye

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