Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today I Wrap It All Up

Miss Faye,

I am so very tried as I have been trying to wrap it all for Christmas. Did you know it takes time to wrap all those gifts? Not to mention all the time I spent shopping! All the agonizing. All the decisions.

I, too, did a bunch of online shopping this season and am waiting for the last two boxes to arrive. The contents of those boxes will be big surprises for the recipients! Ho, Ho, Ho.

I did indeed notice the coupon from the Village Cafe, which is also a place I dearly love to eat. I've never had a bad meal there. I just love their salads, chicken dishes, and, of course, their Reuben sandwich. Thick and juicy-- just the way I like it. I, too, plan to head over there this week with my printed coupon and purchase some of the gift certificates. And I think I'll even keep a few for myself! If you get there today, let me know if there are any restrictions of which I may need to be aware.

As I've been wrapping, I've been wondering about Christmas and all those poor souls who are so caught up in the shopping and have just lost the meaning of it all. I almost long for those Christmases of old when it was a much simpler affair. It used to be we got a few gifts under the tree like street skates, new pjs, slippers, and a little fruit, candy and perfume in the stocking. Now adays, the children all expect so much. Are we a product of the children of the depression? Those who were children during that time in our country's history truly had little. They worked so hard to be able to live better and give more. And now, we do the same. Give, give, give. I think we should stop, have lunch and just reflect on our lives and our blessings.

You'll be proud to know I did vote yesterday. With all I had heard around town, I was not surprised at the winner. Matt is a home town boy. Remember the simple life here in Fayette County. Please don't make us like the big city.

I also heard from a friend of mine yesterday who spent the day at a mall up north. Her comments echoed my thoughts of a day or so ago when I said the stores weren't crowded. So, the less than full stores epidemic is continuing to spread. Guess we're all concerned with the immediate future.

As for me, I'll have a nice warm drink, and get Christmas all wrapped up. Maybe I'll even get the Mr. to take me to lunch at the Village Cafe. He's already asked me if I wanted to eat there on New Year's Eve.

Enjoy your day.

Miss Etta

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