Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Parties and White Trash

Mornin' Miss Faye,

I'm glad you found some nice gifts for Christmas. Guess I'll have to stop in to that Art Place. Speaking of art, I got myself invited to one of those high faluting parties. The kind that has caterers, beautiful clothing and wonderful food and conversations. Well, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Somebody went and brought some White Trash with them! Can you believe it?

Now, now, stop fanning yourself so hard. Do you even know what White Trash is? It's delicious. It's a treat. It's a dessert.

Basically, it's white almond bark that has something like 3 cups of cheerios, 3 cups of your favorite chex cereal, m&m's, peanuts and pretzels. Why I think you could put most any cereal in it. I wonder how it would taste with a chocolate based cereal? My bet is pretty good. I reckon it got its name from some really poor rural area when some really creative woman had to make a party dish. No matter its origin. It's really good.

I think I'll go make some White Trash for my family. They'll just love it! You have a good day now, Miss Faye. I've got to get out and about. You know me, I only sit down when it's time for us to share our secret recipe.

Miss Etta

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