Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa's coming!

It is just so difficult to find things for all of my many, many relatives. I do so hate to be less than unique with what I choose to give. I know there are others out there who are struggling trying to find the perfect gift so I'm gonna share a bit as I find my little treasures.

Today I visited the Fayette Art Center and Gallery. For you who are new to our lovely county, they used to be in Fayetteville but have recently moved down near the Publix in Peachtree City. They are in that cute little yellow house that used to have all kinds of unusual knick-knacks.

I was astonished at the bevy of choices! My very favorite is the certificates they have for classes. It is a wonderful gift for that young child who doesn't know what to do with their energies. Any budding Rembrandt would love to take a watercolor class or learn how to make a delightful piece of pottery. They had so many classes to choose from I couldn't decide so I just bought some blank certificates and I'll let my nieces and nephews decide for themselves.

I picked up just the cutest flag for my Mama. She is a regular church goer (Prebyterian if you must know) and she is just going to adore the beautiful angel flag I bought for her to hang outdoors.

Don't tell anyone, but I found something for ME, too! I'm going to wrap it and stick it under the Christmas tree so I'll be surprised Christmas morning.

You all will have to stop by and see all the art that is packed into that little house! Paintings, pottery, and even one of a kind jewelry. They have those funny face jugs, too.

Well, it's getting close to dinner time so I need to run along. If you have any fun places you've been, please do let me know. Miss Etta is always galavanting off to some really interesting place. I bet she'll be sharing more than just grits and barbecue with us all soon.

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