Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another great Christmas Gift Idea

Oh Miss Faye,

I so agree with you about the gift closet. I just really hate getting all those useless items I don't want or need. Oh, and then trying to remember who gave me what tacky gift so I can get it out when they come to visit! Oh the horror if their gift isn't on display!! I've gotten so fed up with the idea when every year I try so hard to think about people's personalities and try so hard to find just the perfect item in my price range. This year is different.

What, with all the high gas prices and food costs so high. And, not to mention, the ever increasing tax burden that my modest home is giving me. To sum it up, I'm cutting back on all the extraneous gift giving.

I did come up with a great idea that some people on my list are getting. I've been purchasing Scrip from the local schools. Are you familiar with Scrip? It's a great program that painlessly earns money for our local schools. At the schools nearest me, I can just walk into the office and ask for purchase it. Scrip are gift cards to a goodly number of shops, restaurants, clothing stores, fast food and even some gas stations. A portion of each Scrip card sold goes directly back to the school.

So, my little pea brain decided to purchase several of these as Christmas gifts. I then purchased a calendar and strategically placed gift cards on several months of the calendar. For example, one lucky person will get a dinner in January followed by a movie in February. I'm even giving a magazine subscription on a calendar for a young girl's birthday. And then there's the person who gets bookstore cards on the summer months so they have something new to read on vacation.

There are ways to regain the spirit of giving. I still think the best Christmas gift is the one given to us in a manger so long ago.

Miss Etta

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