Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gifts That Keep On and On

Miss Faye,

You've been so busy just celebrating the holidays, haven't you? To answer your last question, the White Trash Dessert I saw did have M&Ms in it. I think it's real funny that the famous Southern Living called it White Christmas. What a hoot.

I've been out in the masses again today. This time it was to buy all those cute little accessories for the gifts that Santa and company left. It's really amazing to me. Even though we got great gifts under the tree, and they seemed to be complete, somehow, they just needed more. It's the gifts that keep on and on. Kinda like that bunny. Except these gifts need more cash than that. I could spend a fortune just in completing the gifts.

I do think that I found a treasure today. An unexpected one. A really neat one. One that I couldn't resist. It was such a bargain. At the local office supply store, I stumbled across a combo printer, fax, scanner, copier for $20. Now, I paid more than that up front. That will be the final price after I get all the paperwork sent in to get money back. What a neat rebate. So, soon, I'll be unpacking it and trying to see what all it takes to make it work. If I'm lucky, it won't be the gift that just keeps on and on eating money. I fully expect it to work forever!

I'm just glad I wasn't one of those many people across the country who couldn't use their gift cards yesterday at the local big box. Can you imagine how many people weren't wearing smiles after they had grabbed all the discounted goodies, stood in line for a long time, and then were told their cards weren't being accepted by the store's computers?

And if I'm ever not home when you call, just remember. I'm out scouting around for all those cute completer items. Guess this will be a Christmas I won't soon forget. I know my pocketbook will think of it on a regular basis for a bit.

You have a nice evening, Miss Faye. I'm all tuckered out and need to rest my poor weary bones.

Miss Etta

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