Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Shopping and Crowds

Hi Miss Faye,

I'm glad to hear you found a Hot Shot. I remember those and I remember having one when I was in college. Yep, they do work well.

Speaking of old stuff, and I don't mean me, I am in the market for a new egg cooker. I've been using mama's which was a Sunbeam brand and it's only about 50 years old. Well, the old dear just up and died on me the other day. It was like the passing of an era. How does one cook eggs? And don't you go and tell me to heat up a pan on the stove! That's just not what I do.

I have spent over two days of Christmas shopping searching high and low for a new egg cooker. Most stores just have a blank stare on the faces of their employees. I've been all over Fayette County and can't find one. I sure do hope Santa can come through for me. I'm just lost without it.

While I was out shopping, I noticed a most curious site. The crowds shopping, or rather the lack of them. None of the stores I have been in this week have been crowded. No more elbow hitting and shoving just to pick up the perfect slippers in the right size. No ma'mm. I can easily waltz through the stores at my leisurely pace and look at all of the sales. So many of the clothes are 50% off. I even found some nice jewelry for 75% off and pocket books for 70% off. And, this is the week before Christmas! What will happen if I wait just a few more days before I open my pocketbook to hand over the cash?

If you get the chance, head on over to the Fayette Pavilion. Looks like the merchants are eager to get your attention and money by having some decent sales. There's only one drawback to this. None of the stores I was in this week had enough employees at the checkout. Come on, can't the big box stores at the Fayette Pavilion have more than two checkout clerks? I spent more time in line looking at the empty cash registers than I did finding the perfect sale item.

I just bet if any store would staff properly, then they would reap the benefits of happy shoppers. I'm off today to brave the post office. We'll see how many clerks they have--- will they put the retail stores to shame?

Miss Etta

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