Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow in Georgia!

Miss Etta, I can just picture that dog licking that big old turkey! You can turn a tale!

I am so glad that I made my trip to the grocery store before word broke that there might be snow in Georgia. It doesn't seem to matter if they are talking about snow being in the mountains everyone in this entire state just has to make sure they have a refrigerator full of food.

Now when you think about it, filling up an electric refrigerator with perishable food is not the brightest thing to do when snow threatens. You know the first thing they tell you when the electricity goes out is not to open your refrigerator so the food doesn't go bad. I can just picture everyone sitting around staring at that old fridge knowing it is full of milk that will go bad if you open the door.

How many people have a can opener any more that isn't electric? I think stocking up on peanut butter, jelly and bread might be a bit better idea.

I have had some interesting times when the power went out. No television or radio or computer and no light aside from candles or oil lamps (yes, I have some old oil lamps my Grandmama gave to me many years back). I have been so desperate during long hours without power that I have taken a flashlight and used it to read a book.

When I was a child I loved to read, and still do. Lights out meant taking a book and a flashlight under the covers hoping I wouldn't be caught so it does bring back some fond memories!

One time when the power was out my husband and I just said enough is enough and went to a hotel. We are on well water and when the electricity goes out then our water also goes out. We didn't have electricity for two days if I remember correctly. A few hours without light to read by or a computer is bearable, but that was just a might too long.

I love it when it snows aside from all the crazy drivers if I have to leave the warmth of my home. I hope we get three or four inches although I don't think that is in the forecast. Do you remember the snowstorms that were so bad not too long ago?

Miss Faye again!

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