Sunday, January 13, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

My Mama always said I didn't know how to sit still and I surely don't. I have to be doing something all the time and most times I'm doing way too much.

My Mama used to say a lot of things and sometimes I would actually listen. I have never changed my ways when it comes to staying busy.

I have read your last few entries into our journal with interest. I was at a luncheon earlier this week and the topic of the Honor Flight came up. It seems that many groups in Fayette County are banding together to help get our World War II veterans to Washington. I am so proud of all the good hearted people working to do this.

If I remember correctly it will cost about $400 per person to send them. The VFW is donating $2100 an the Women's Republican group is also donating some money. I hope everyone reading our journal (and many others) will get in touch with the fine people and help. I have heard it is a very touching trip. I won't go into it more because anyone who'd like to know more about it can read Military Matters in Fayette or visit the Fayette Front Page or the VFW site.

I am having a lot of fun reading all the different blogs by our fellow writers at the Fayette Front Page! It seems that every day there is a new column. Some of them are simply informative like Health: Hearsay & Headlines or Banker's Corner, and others are rather fun, like ours.

I need to spend less time reading all those blogs and columns and more time writing! I can hear you nodding your head Miss Etta!

Did your Mama ever tell you that when you pouted she could walk to New York on your bottom lip? I was wondering if that was a commom mamaism.

Miss Faye

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