Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Now don't that just beat all? Last week, we were running around in our short shirt sleeves. Today, we're shivering. And I mean, really shivering. It's so cold this morning that I feel like I need to go into hibernation. Good thing I packed on a few extra pounds over the holidays!

To top it off, it snowed in North GA last night. Looks like the extreme northern counties all have a little snow on the ground. If you watch the radar real close from the last few hours, it looks like we should have had a few flurries ourselves. The air was too dry so it couldn't hit the ground, though.

Is this an omen for 2008? With 2007 officially clocking in as the 2nd worse rain year since 1954 in the Atlanta area, I can only hope this snow issue will continue.

The drought brings up an interesting thought that's been running around in my head. Back in the mid 50s when the last really big drought happened, what was the effect? There certainly weren't so many millions of people in the area depending on Lake Lanier and Lake Allatoona. I rather doubt Florida was taking the water for their endangered mussels at that time. So, can you tell me? What were the effects on the locals in the area back then? Couldn't have been much as no one ever talks about it, and metro Atlanta still grows every year. Guess I'll ponder on this for some time.

Guess I'll keep looking out the window today in hopes some precipitation will decide to head our way. A better idea would be for me to crawl back under the warm blankets and read peacefully.

Miss Etta

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