Monday, January 14, 2008

No New TV? Oh the horror!

I almost had to laugh. Actually, I did. Laugh out loud.

Oh, those poor, poor folks who lives revolve around having a new episode every week on the television. I barely have time to watch even a portion of the news. In fact, the ten o'clock news is what I watch as I drift off into sleep.

No New TV? Oh my, my. How can we survive? Let me count the ways.

Try talking with your family.
Listen to your spouse.
Play a board game with the children.
Read a book.
Watch some of the older black and white TV shows. They're great!
Watch sports.
Call a friend.
Snuggle up as you watch a roaring fire in the fireplace.
Go outside and walk.
Listen to the radio.

Our parents and grandparents surely didn't worry about having new episodes. I really don't think I've lost any sleep over not seeing a new episode of ........., well, I can't hardly remember the names of any of the current popular shows.

Gotta run. It's almost time for Perry Mason.

Miss Etta

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Miz Vul said...

I tell you what, Miss Etta, I got some kinfolks who have episodes every now 'n then, episodes that can be downright entertaining IF you are outside of hearing and reaching distance. But when it comes to the tv, there's a wholelotta stuff on that makes your #2 - "Listen to your spouse"- seem downright appealing.

When I was growing up (a project that just never does seem to end), about the only time the television was turned on at my Grandmama's house was 5:00 p.m. on Saturday when Live Atlanta Wrestling came on. I declare, my Granddaddy died believing that men walking on the moon was television trickery but knowing that Live Atlanta Wrestling was an honest-to-goodness serious sport.

And while Granddaddy watched his show, we sat with Grandmother in the glider on the front porch, going back and forth and back and forth, thumping ourselves with the furniture store fans and counting the cars as they went by. I don't think that's a likely addition to your Other Than TV List, though. Unless you've got one of those little silver clicker thingies and fingers that never heard of arthritis.

There is, however, one weekly show I try to never miss and that's The Closer. I don't know what station it's on, but I am here to tell you, I love that show. Every single week without fail, that cute little Brenda Lee Johnson (the Deputy Chief of the LA Homicide Department) gets another case. There she is, the little Georgia transplant, heading up a team of folks who know - they just know - that a little ole' bitty woman from the South could never solve a case. But by golly she does it. Every week. In slightly less than 40 minutes.

Gotta' love it. You just plain gotta' love it.

Till next time,
Miz Vul

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