Friday, January 18, 2008

Feed those poor starving kids some spinach!

Where or where can Miss Etta be? It has been too long since she joined us on the porch! I may have to send out a posse to find her!

Lawd, I gotta tell you my mind was jumpin' all over the place, just like those crickets, when I read your entry Miz Vul! I have food tales to tell for sure!

My Mama told me a story of when I was so small I was still in a high chair. She had plopped a whole bunch of nasty spinach on my plate and I was refusing to eat it. We locked horns and I have to tell you, I was much more stubborn than she. We went round and round until my dessert privileges were in dire jeopardy.

Just in the nick of time someone knocked on the door and she left to answer it. She wasn't gone but a few minutes, just long enough for my plate to get cleaned up real nicely. She said I was just barely talking and walking and she had no idea I was such a sneaky little devil until she was cleaning up AFTER I had my dessert reward for being so, so good. Guess what was in plain view in the middle of the trash can? Yep, of course you guessed long ago I had done something with the spinach other than eat it!

She said she had no idea I could even get out of the high chair, much less figure out that the spinach needed to go all the way across to the trash. She never did figure out how I thought to do it so fast and then was able to accomplish the dastardly deed in the short time she was gone. I don't remember the incident so I have no idea how I managed.

And those poor starving children I had to clean my plate for? I never did understand why it mattered about those children in China or Vietnam or Africa (depending on her mood). I would have been delighted to ship them a package every day of the stuff I didn't want to eat.

I am still a very picky eater, although I have grown to like spinach. I can't abide the taste of collard greens and turnips, which I know is almost a sacrilege down here in our south.

You must have a very interesting family Miz Vul, one that I think I would very much like! If I gave anyone, and I do mean anyone, in my family chocolate and paint brushes they would head to the freezer to find the ice cream as they asked which package had the paint to go with the brushes. I'd rather drink before noon than have to try to explain what they might want to do with the paint brushes and chocolate if it just so happened I didn't have a can of paint and ice cream!

I rather enjoy poking at my family sometimes. It is so easy to just tip toe over the line of decorum and have them looking at me all askance! I may be invitin' you and Miss Etta to our next family gathering. After I've had a couple of pitchers of adult beverages, I think I would enjoy it immensely.

That reminds me of the fella in school that I used to delight in embarrassing. I sat behind him in one of my classes. He was a big old football player and everyone just swooned over him. But my, oh my, was he shy! I would lower my head and get as close as I could reach and whisper something to make him turn red just when I thought the teacher was swinging her hear in his direction. It didn't take much. All I'd have to do was tell him that everyone thought he was so cute or some similar sentiment!

I have a little bit of an impish nature! My Mama just says I'm trouble on two legs, but most times she says it with a smile.

Well, it's Friday night, the snow is coming. I hope we have at least 3 or 4 inches although I understand the weatherman has tempered the prediction to possibly one at most. Oh well, I can always hope.

Hope you enjoyed your Little Debbie Miz Vul, and hope to hear from you soon Miss Etta!

Miss Faye is headed to the refrigerator while we still have power!

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