Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me Thinks They Doth Protest Too Much

Do you remember growing up in the time where manners and truth meant something? Do you remember what it was like to get caught in a not so truthful story? Kinda like when mama would ask who ate the last chocolate cookie? Sometimes, I would just stand there and with an oh so innocent look on my face say, "not me." She would ask again. Again I would deny. Then she would point out that I had chocolate around my mouth. Oops. Learned real fast to keep my face clean. Learned real fast what happened when I was caught.

And then the mama talks about not saying anything at all if I couldn't find something nice to say. Boy, did I have to work on keeping my trap shut. Is that why I am so very quiet now? Sometimes, it just is too hard to find something nice to say.

The last couple of days have been real interesting, yessiree. It seems like those squabbling Democratic candidates aren't from around here or else they didn't learn their lessons at all. Why, mama would have taken care of those two long ago.

It would appear that the candidates are really getting ready to have fistfights based on the way they acted at that debate the other night. They keep on pointing fingers and trying to get the last word in about what he said or she said.

Haven't they heard of video? It's just so easy for the general public to find what was really said or not said. And this last round is really making the candidates less than desirable, in my
book. Wouldn't a potential leader know that they need to be able to back up those accusations with facts, and not fantasy? Looks like they've been caught with the tell tell chocolate syrup on their faces. Looks like their mamas should have taught them some manners on what to do in polite company.

Uncle had a saying about verbal warfare. He would say, "Me thinks the lady doth protest too much." In simple words, keep on denying and hurtling back and lose all credibility. Once again, in my life, it was a lesson hard learned-- but I learned how to keep quiet.

Better to let sister or cousin take the heat.

You know Miss Vul, I bet your grandpa would have really enjoyed watching today's version of verbal wrestling. Even you might have been persuaded to stop counting cars and start counting those stories. I might even have to miss an episode of Perry just to catch the latest round in this battle.

Miss Etta

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