Thursday, January 10, 2008

Honor Our WWII Veterans!

Miss Faye,

I so enjoyed seeing the new column named "Military Matters in Fayette" this morning on the Fayette Front Page. I happen to know Mrs. Sparrow and her passion about the Honor Flight ranks right up there with mine for Mint Juleps. She's been working hard on this project and I can't wait to see a great article about it on the FFP.

Anyway, in reading the article, it reminds me of my papa, may he sleep sweetly. He was my gentle giant, a career Army man, and my hero. Even though he has been in eternal sleep for many a year now, I still recall his voice, his laughter, his smile, and his unyielding support of his country.

Just last year, I found the World War II Registry of Remembrance at the website for the World War II Memorial. Did you know you can submit the names of your own personal World War II veterans to it? It was an easy process as I recall. I was happy to list my precious papa's name, as well as that of his younger brother. These men fought for our country and I want everyone to know I'm proud of them.

Did you hear it's going to rain again tonight? Why, that is certainly a prayer being answered.

Talk to you later. Right now, I feel a strong urge to go look at a picture of my papa in uniform and send a prayer thanking God for my papa and his devotion to Him and to our country.

Miss Etta

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