Friday, January 25, 2008

Nasty politics

Miss Etta, I used to think that politics just kept getting nastier and nastier until I took a gander at politics of old. I have decided there is something inside a person who is ambitious enough to want to be in a top role that brings out the fight in them.

Those two squabbling Democrats on that debate the other night made me think of two cats fighting over a piece of fish. Old Edwards tried to make out like he was above it all, but you just listen to some of the other things he has to say. You can't change a skunk's stripes.

Politics is rather interesting but I find tangling with day to day life difficult and mind-straining enough. That doesn't mean I am not strongly tuned to all that is going on, but I get so frustrated trying to figure it all out. They posture and preen and who knows if they mean what they say? Then the press twists it and turns it around and black becomes white.

I just do the best I can. I will always make sure to vote. I simply do not understand how someone can ignore that precious gift our fore-fathers gave to us. Did you read about those votes in Cuba? No one had any opposition at all! Why even bother getting up and going to vote? I guess down there they have to go vote or they'll end up in jail somewhere.

Enough on politics. It is a fine day and I do not want to clutter my mind with all their doings.

It is cold, but the sun is shining and I think I am going to find reason to get outdoors. Chances are I will skitter back in faster than a cat with its tail on fire, but I will attempt it just the same. Speaking of cats, did you see that funny picture of the cat in the snow on the Fayette Front Page? I wish I had been quick enough to think about taking some pictures.

I don't know where Miz Vul took off to but I sure wish she would visit again.

Miss Faye

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