Friday, January 4, 2008

The Race Is On

Miss Faye,

I know you had to watch the Iowa vote last night. I was interested in this race and I'm not really into politics. I guess it's the fact that for the first time, I believe there are viable candidates who could bring a change of face to the White House. When I say a change of face, I don't mean they will change the party politics. I watched the results on the Fayette Front Page last night. It was much easier to do that than sit in front of the TV watching, yet another Bowl game.

I find it interesting that Obama beat Clinton. I wonder if it was because Obama is really so much better looking than Clinton? It will be interesting to see what happens on both sides of the aisle in New Hampshire. Of course, I won't make up my mind until they all come to Georgia. What is made up in my mind is the party I typically support. Born and bred, you might say.

Speaking of Bowl games, I'm done. Just give me the one who determines who the final champion will be and I'm happy. I know what you'll say. The games are important to all the schools who get to participate in their "big show." I did feel sorry for Hawaii, though. They just didn't seem ready to play with the big dogs- either that, or their nerves couldn't settle down for the large crowd.

I guess if I'm going to think about more bowls, I should just close my trap and go make something to put into one. Ahh, the Fayette Chili Bowl?

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