Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Once again, a step behind

Miss Etta and Miz Vul,

You two had some interesting children. My little ones were tame in comparison. No baby powder tales to tell on this end. Now if you want to talk about toilet paper mummies, I can match you tale for tale!

I discovered their newest venture the hard way --- sitting on the toilet after a much needed fast run to get there. I realized the roll was empty, opened the cabinet door to find some more to find the cupboard was bare.

Difficult time to realize we'd run out of toilet paper, something we NEVER did in our often haphazard home. The children were outside, I was alone, thus was able to scoot to the other bathroom to find a roll.

None there either.

Good thing there are Kleenex!

Not too long after that my little "mummies", along with a few friends, came groaning scarily into the house. Guess who yours truly scared in return?

I would love to relive some of those days with the mindset I have now. Did you find that you fussed about things that really, in retrospect, didn't deserve to be fussed about? And worried about things that mattered little in the scheme of things? Today if those same little mummies came wandering in the door I'd grab some of the toilet paper and join in the fun!

Age brings such wisdom. It's a shame we have children when we're still babies ourselves. We think we are so grown-up at whatever age we happen to be.

I am so proud to be getting younger every day! The joys of growing older and throwing off so many of those restrictions we put on ourselves and that we let others put on us! I don't know how my little ones turned out to be such good children. They don't seem to have any of my fears and concerns about society's "rules".

Miss Faye

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