Saturday, January 12, 2008

Follow the Leader Game on the Wild Side

Miss Faye,

Do you remember playing "follow the leader" when you were younger?

It was always fun to watch the older, more experienced kids lead the younger ones on adventures. One time, the older kids took me to a creek. I had to overcome my fear that day. The only acceptable way over the creek was to grab a small rope which was placed on a small limb. After much discussion and most likely a few tears on my part, I grabbed the rope. The older kids pushed me. And there I was, sailing over the creek. It was a rite of passage, I guess, to show I wasn't a baby anymore. Ah, we were so innocent.

The animals at the San Francisco Zoo appear to be trying the same sort of game lately. Of course, the tiger that climbed out of its enclosed area and the end results were horrific. I so feel for those poor families.

On the heels of that daring escape, it has been reported that more animals want to leave. Sort of a "follow the leader" sort of game. Now I don't know if it happened this week or in the last month, but I will tell you what I heard.

First the polar bear tried to climb out of its enclosure. Next, the snow leopard chewed through the mesh in its enclosure. Hmmm.. The zoo officials say the animals are denying they were trying to escape. Sure thing. Let's see. A wild animal leaves the compound and doesn't come back. Hmmmmm.

Follow the leader? Or the call of the wild?

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