Friday, February 29, 2008

This 'n That

Hey girls,

What on earth did y'all leap into today, it being leap year day and all.

Miss Etta, you mention the distinct possibility that Miss Faye
sprouted some wild youthful hairs, and I've gotta' tell you that I
'spect she's still got a few. They may be a different color now, but
I'm quite sure Miss Faye has her fair share of wild hairs to this
very day.

Y'all heard all the whoopla doopla over the latest presidential
candidates' television ads? Hillary is saying she thinks O'Bama will
sleep right through the phone ringing, and O'Bama is saying basically
right back atcha, Hill. Me, I'm saying Look, who do you think you're
kidding? Neither one of them is gonna' actually answer the telephone
anyway. So come on.

I get so tired of politicians and their advertising designers
thinking we're all stupidier than, than, than I don't know what. I
know people usually say "dumber than dirt", but let's face it: dirt's
smarter than politicians consider us to be.

Got big plans for the weekend, girls? Br'er Vul, she lay low this
weekend. Not a whole lot going on. First time in a long time - a girl
could sure get used to it, too, let me tell you.

Whatever y'all do, try to behave, will you? Well, at least try to
behave enough to stay out of jail.

Till next time,
Miz Vul

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