Sunday, February 24, 2008


I can't speak for Miz Vul, but as for myself, I've just been darned lazy. Maybe it's this crazy weather or just my penchant for keeping busier than a being needs to be, but I just haven't made time to enjoy time on the porch lately.

Miss Etta, I'm sorry to have left you sitting out here without good company. For a spell I was able to write something every single day and sometimes twice a day. I must do better. I must do better. I must do better.

Did your teacher ever make you stay after school and write something over and over? I had to do it once and that was enough. I'll have to admit that I cheated a bit. I was supposed to fill up so many sheets of paper with whatever sentence it was. I just wrote larger than usual then spent my detention time keeping everyone else from being able to finish their assignment. I don't even remember what I did to incur the wrath of my teacher.

I couldn't decide whether to be a good girl or a bad one when I was growing up. I could be the worst devil or the best angel depending on my mood or maybe it was the moon.

Miss Etta, I thought that dog story was rather nice myself. I try to find time to touch on a bunch of the Fayette Front Page blogs as some of the them are so interesting. Maybe spending all that time reading is why I'm not able to find enough time to do justice to our Journal!

I am not much of a big fan of animals although I don't dislike them, just don't want to own 'em. I had some run ins with dogs when I was a little girl and it has made me a mite skittish when it comes to having any great warm feelings for dogs in particular. I think they are wonderful creatures and find some of the stories about them inspiring, but I don't know that I'll ever change my mind about owning one. I like them when they're tiny and cute!

I guess I better move away from that subject before I have everyone mad at me!

I wonder what happened to Miz Vul?

Well, I'll try to be more faithful in my writing. I will have to write two or three times a day to make up for lost time!

Miss Faye

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