Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally off the toilet...

Ladies, I'm sorry I brought up talk of toilets and toilet paper! Or did I? I probably was the culprit as it seems the older I get the closer I want to stay to that invention that has saved many lives.

I have heard tales of how much "fun" it was to get from the house to the outhouse from many of my older relatives. I know that here in Fayette County as near as ten to 15 years ago there was at least one family still living without the benefit of indoor plumbing. A kindly family took it upon themselves to whiplash the owner of the property and force them to put an indoor toilet into the rental. They also added electricity. And they bricked the walls if I remember correctly.

Can you imagine living in this day and time without electricity? Names will not be named as I believe the owner has gone on to the next life. I hope he is perpetually having to use the bathroom but unable to reach an outhouse. Appropriate punishment don't you think?

This fella was rich, what we used to call stinking rich, and he was old money. He owned a lot of land and the family who rented for him also worked for him. Being dependent on his largess meant never having the ability to report the SOB.

I was so glad when my friends told me they had gone to bat on this issue. They ended up spending their last days in a house that didn't have holes where the wind could whip through the wood planks!

Changing the subject, I did not get around to voting early last week so I will be needing to vote tomorrow. I understand that a lot of new people have been registering to vote here in Georgia. I also have heard that the early voting was done primarilty by Democrats, even here in Fayette County.

The future is always interesting, but I do believe the future is going to be even more interesting than I had imagined.

I am so sorry to have been so long in writing. I have been involved with other matters and have neglected one of the highlights of my day, which is chatting with my two journal friends.

Miss Faye

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