Monday, February 25, 2008

Tis The Company You Keep, Ya Know?

Sometimes, Miss Faye, I worry about you. Why, it just seems as if
you had some wild hairs that sprouted on a regular basis in your
youth. Who would have thunk it? You? Such an upstanding do good
kind of gal such as yourself.

I didn't much have the opportunity to sprout wild hairs while I was
growing up. Being on the younger side of all the children made it
hard for me to come up with something one of my siblings hadn't
already tried and been found out. And, my daddy was on the town
council, too. He put the word out that no one messed with his baby.
You know, I don't think I could have paid anyone to get me into any
kind of trouble.

The one time I was late getting home was also the last time. I was
so severely punished in that I couldn't go to the homecoming dance or
football game. Kind of made sense to me from that point on not to

At least, disobey and get caught. I did disobey one other time that
I recall. You see, I wasn't allowed to just go "riding around."
Riding around on a Friday night around the town square seemed to be
the sport of choice in the little town we lived. My daddy didn't
allow it. Seems he thought I could get myself in trouble if I did
that. Guess a lot of kids did.

Anyway, I did break the rules and went "riding around" one Friday
night. Seemed kinda foolish to drive uptown to the square, park the
car, and chat with everyone you saw all week long. Me? I wanted
adventure. I wanted to go somewhere, be someone.

I also remember the time I answered the front door on a Friday
night. Mama swore it was some gutter rats that had slithered up onto
her porch. I just saw some school friends. I wasn't allowed to go
riding with them, either. The fuddy-duddy folks seemed to think
that I could be measured by the type of company I kept. Guess they
were right.

Guess I did go somewhere. Here. And now, I guess I'm your front
porch friend. And, I'm kinda a do good gal myself. Must be the
company I keep.

Miss Etta

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