Friday, February 8, 2008

Sweet, Sweet Savannah

Did you see the fire in Savannah? How horrendous for those poor
families. My prayers go out to the victims and their families. It
is good to know that there is a really good burn center available in
the state, and it's only a short flight up to Augusta for that. Of
course, the victims have a long road to recovery in front of them.

I watched the story closely this morning as I was sipping my morning
juice. Savannah, a sweet city if ever there was.

I love Savannah. All those squares that General Oglethorpe laid out
when he plotted the town back in February 1733. Actually, Savannah's
anniversary of its founding is February 12th. Happy Birthday
Savannah! The squares and all the monuments force us to slow down
when we drive through the city. Of course, if you get lost down
there, you might not make it out-- it's kinda like one huge maze! I
know I've spent many an hour just driving around those squares in my

Savannah is also home to one of my favorite restaurants, The Pirate's
House, which is one block off the river and has been there since 1753
when those dashing pirates of old would come sailing in to the port.
Dashing? Of course all the romance novels we read as young teenagers
portrayed them that way. Why, who didn't want to be ravished by a
pirate? Who didn't fall in love with one of those cutlass bearing
men wearing those white shirts opened down to their belly with those
flashing white teeth? Oh, wait, that isn't quite the reality of
them, is it?

Oh well, young girls and their dreams. Although I will tell you gals
a secret. My hubby, just as we first started dating, told me he
would kidnap me, take me out on his boat, and keep me there until I
fell in love with his dashing, pirate looks. Why, he didn't even
have to kidnap me. I ran as fast as I could to that boat and his

I do enjoy the food at the Pirates House. On the day after I
graduated college, the folks took us all there for brunch. Of
course, all I really needed that day was some of the "Hair of the
dog" that I had had the previous night. You see, after graduation,
sister and I took off with a gift from daddy as we hit all the
graduation parties. Getting up the next morning and driving to
Savannah was not a pleasant thought. The food was good, but I do
declare, the Bloody Marys were even better!

I try to go to the Pirates House whenever I make it to Savannah. If
only to smile at the memories of my folks and my youth. I haven't
been to Savannah in a number of years now. I must go and dreamily
walk around those squares with all the Live Oak trees and their
Spanish Moss hanging down.

But I gotta remember to take the SSS-- the special weapon we used
to combat all those "no see'ums." We live too far north to
experience those lovely creatures of nature. You can always tell a
newcomer down on the coast. They try to swat at the nigh-invisible
creatures. We folks who have been there awhile know better. We just
puff at 'em out the corners of our mouths.

You gals have a nice weekend. I think I'm gonna go read a good
pirate novel now.

Miss Etta

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