Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Excess Baggage Fees

Have you heard the latest knee slapping event? Did you hear that one
of the major airlines is gonna start charging for excess baggage?
Now that brings up a whole lot more to my feeble brain.

I believe their current definition of excess baggage is more than
one. So, what does that really mean?

Are we ladies who have to travel with our bag of beauty secrets as
well as one for our clothes and shoes have to make a choice? Do we
look good or do we wear our clothes that we just bought special for
the trip? Could be a tough choice. What about the poor men who have
big feet and require a bag for their shoes? You gotta pay more to
change your outfits?

And then, there's the folks who have all sorts of excess baggage in
their brains. Will there be a brain scan to determine if you've
never let go of the time that sister stole your boyfriend back in
10th grade? Or the time that you got a speeding ticket for trying to
get to school on time?

What's next? Special charges for the wrong color of suitcase? Will
you have to have airline approved colors for the suitcase?

Of course, the next logical question is will the candidates be
allowed on airplanes? Don't they all have loads of excess baggage?

Speaking of candidates, I'm on my way out to vote on this Super
Tuesday. Still don't know who I'm gonna vote for. Maybe it will be
the candidate who has the least baggage?

See you later.

Miss Etta

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