Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More bags and the Political Looking Glass

I just can't seem to stop thinking about bags this morning. What
will the airline charge for those extra bags under my eyes when I
haven't gotten a good night's sleep?

I just got a phone call from a friend who asked if I had gone to
place my vote this morning. Since I'm still sitting on the fence
about my candidate of choice, I listened to what they had to say.
There's a website called http://glassbooth.org.

It's pretty
interesting. At this site, you are given 20 points to spread around
at the topics that make your blood boil or rally for the American Way
of Life. After you spread your points around, you are then asked
questions about those hot topics that you've identified. All of the
questions are of a sliding scale sort. When completed, it tells you
the three top candidates whose stated views align most closely with

Fascinating. I broke down and took the test. Amazing! It told me
who my top three candidates were. Amazing! It gave me the point
spread on them. Amazing! Who I thought was my number 2 is actually
my number 1 by 3%.

Of course, this was fun, but I suspect I'll still use my gut feeling
when I go to punch the old voting box.

And, yes, Miss Vul, I was ablaze in all my red in support of bringing
heart health awareness to women. We've got enough heart troubles to
worry about when we have to mend all ours and our youngins, too!

Enjoy your day!

Miss Etta

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