Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cakes, Choices and Changes

Mornin' my friends. I've been busier than a bee in a field full of
fresh spring flowers. All these daffodils that have sprung up for me
to enjoy and the beginnings of the Red Bud trees and Forsythia have
inspired me. Bustle around and clean like a madwoman. Scrub the
walls, throw out some toys, get rid of clothes that don't fit, dust,
etc. All actions I've taken over the last few days. My fingers are
just plumb worn out with all that cleaning.

I also had some company in town. You know the saying, "If I had
known you were coming, I'd have baked a cake?" Well, I did know, and
I attempted to bake a cake. Twice. I got up early in the morning,
put all the secret ingredients together for my own special recipe and
put the batter in the oven. Over an hour later, I opened the oven to
an enticing smell. End of story for what was good. That cake had
overrun its pan and was all over the oven. I pulled it out and the
pitiful remains fell flatter than a pancake. Tasted good, but I had
to throw the whole thing out. I had to scrub out the oven.

The Mister remarked, "Just make another one." Hmmppphh. Easier said
than done. After wiping away my tears and reviewing everything that
could have possibly gone wrong, I had to trek back up to the store to
buy all the special ingredients again.

Tried again. Failed again. This time, the cake stayed in the pan,
but fell really low. Low enough in the center that I renamed it
"Pele Cake." You remember Pele? She was the goddess of the volcano
who threw fire and lava around? Well, the cake brought memories of
visiting volcanoes in Hawaii. Surely, Pele was the one responsible
for my cake throwing itself out of the pan and spreading around the
oven floor--- yep, just like a volcano.

Mister said, "Make some brownies." Is he nuts? I had spent over 4
hours trying to bake a cake and NOW, he wanted me to make brownies?
Told him we were having Pele Cake. Make brownies indeed. You would
have thought he would have seen the state of my hair, my nerves and
my kitchen and would have retreated. That would have been a wise

Couldn't throw the cake away this time as my company showed up at the
same time the cake came out of the oven. I just smiled, frosted it,
and threw my pride right out the door.

Didcha hear? There was a reunion this last weekend of 17 Atlanta
area survivors of Iwo Jima. I had just watched a movie on Iwo Jima,
with more of the Japanese point of view. Not the view from the
palace, but rather the view from several of the soldiers. It was
interesting. Of course, I had to read the subtitles as the actors
were speaking in Japanese. What a horrible battle that was for both
countries. I found it interesting to listen to some of the American
survivors as the tears fell down their faces. What dark memories
they have of that time. What horrors they all saw! What nightmares
they must have had! Those brave men-- who fought on both sides--
because they knew it was their duty. May they all rest in peace.

Didcha hear? After surviving ten US Presidents, Cuba is having its
own change by choice? Of course, gotta wonder if the cigar man is
even still alive. Wasn't the last picture of him released like two
years ago? Giving the power over to your younger brother makes it
seem like everything will pretty much continue as is over there.
History will tell.

Gonna go run. Gotta go run off the Pele Cake. My choice--- or
maybe I should just sit here and think about if for a spell.

Miss Etta

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