Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Not Guilty, But Close

Good Lord, Miss Faye, I sure do hope you aren't talking about one of
my relatives. Since he "went on to the next life", as you say, I have
heard some tales - let me tell you - and some of 'em sound strikingly
similar to the one you told about the condition of rental house and
its tenants, I'm sorry to say.

But wait a minute: you said he was "stinking rich" and of "old
money", so there's no way that coulda' been one of MY relatives.
(Consider that written with a big sigh of relief.)

Being a member of such a large family, there's bound to be some
goings-on ranging from just-plain-ole-fun shenanigans to out-and-out
lock-up behavior. And I'm just now learning to listen to tales of
things my relatives do and ancestors did without feeling a sense of
angst. Always did worry me 'cause Daddy preached guiltybyassociation,
sometimes calling it birdsofafeather. He believed in it, he did.

But wait a minute again.

Now that I think about it, seems like he believed in that the
strongest when I was a teenager (just a few years ago) and he didn't
exactly approve of some of my friends. Truth be known, I didn't
exactly approve of some of them either, so it was alright with me
that my daddy wouldn't let me run around with them.

Except for that one big ole' concert down at what is now the Atlanta
Motor Speedway. A bunch of us was going to the concert (Somehow. None
of us drove that i recall.), and my daddy wasn't having any part of
that. He drove me down to the racetrack dark early that morning to
show me what I was about to get myself into.

To this day I don't know what sort of impression he intended to make
'cause at that hour of the Saturday morning, there was absolutely
nothing going on there. But I stayed home anyway, and you know what:
it didn't kill me. I probably would've had a horrible time if I'd
gone 'cause I'm not too much on crowds and that is one big ole' place.

Maybe that was Daddy's point.

I wish he'd've just said something. We could've saved the gas.

But then we wouldn't've had that talk time in the car, and that's
when I have some of the best conversations.

Anyway, I gotta' go to walk now. Am trying to lose weight so I don't
have to wash clothes so often. Bigger sizes fill up the washing
machine quicker, don't you know.

Till next time,

Miz Vul

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